MultiCare Internal Medicine

Physicians at the Multicare clinics are specially trained in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect adults. However common or rare, however simple or complex, they are equipped to care for whatever problem or coexistent problems the patient brings.

INTERNAL MEDICINE physicians, Doctors of Internal Medicine, are often referred to as Internists (not to be confused with interns.) They may act as primary care physicians, but they are not family physicians or general practitioners whose training and practice is not solely concentrated on adults. They are specially trained to solve diagnostic problems that are particularly puzzling, and are able handle difficult chronic illnesses including diabetes management, Hyper Blood Pressure, and lipids, as well as situations involving several different illnesses at once. Besides diagnosis and treatment of most illnesses, they emphasize wellness, or disease prevention and promotion of health, and they bring to the patient a fuller understanding of issues like women's health, substance abuse, mental health and more.

MEDICINE IS COMPLEX and often difficult to coordinate. Our Doctors of Internal Medicine take pride in caring for their patients for life. Whether in the clinic, hospital or emergency room, and whether providing care themselves or relying on that from other specialists, they coordinate their patients' care and manage difficult problems associated with that care.