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Multicare Associates Announces Insurance-Free Pay Plan for Primary Care: MULTICARE DIRECT

Multicare Direct is Redefining the Health Insurance Industry

Multicare Associates is launching an entirely new insurance-free pay plan, Multicare Direct, for primary care. Multicare Direct is a new payment plan that allows consumers and businesses to contract with the clinic for their primary care services, rather than using a traditional insurance policy to pay for their visits.

Breaking away from conventional insurance plans may seem like a big leap, but Multicare Associate’s CEO, Matt Brandt, explains, "This goes back to the days when everybody only had major medical [insurance] and just worked out a deal with their doctor to pay ‘x’ amount a month." Thus, offering healthcare without breaking the bank.

Multicare Direct will give members unlimited access to Multicare Associate’s team of physicians for their primary care needs. The Multicare Direct program addresses wellness in the following areas: Wellness Care, Chronic Disease Care, Specialty Care Coordination, Office Procedures, Vaccines and Medical Supplies. Brandt explains, "There’s no barrier to getting your primary care, because you’ve already paid for it."

The primary goal of the Multicare Direct is to make healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone. The program will offer plans to consumers for $118 per month for the first member and $68 per month for each additional member. The structure for businesses will be similar: $118 for the first employee and $68 for each employee after that. There are no additional co-pays or deductibles to pay. Multicare Direct is open to everyone, regardless of insurance status or pre- existing conditions.

Multicare Associates has three clinic locations in the twin cities, Fridley, Roseville and Blaine. Members of Multicare Direct have access to all three clinic locations and physicians. Hours of operation vary between the clinics, but do offer daytime, evening and Saturday appointments.

For more information about Multicare Direct, contact Liz Reiter at 763-785-3330, or email your questions to

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